Let the B和s Play On

Huntingdon offers exciting instrumental performance groups. Pick up your instrument 和 play on!

行进中的猩红 和 Grey

2006年举办, 3月ching Scarlet 和 Grey includes instrumentation, 护旗队, majorettes (the Hawkettes), 和 a full collegiate marching squad. 行进中的猩红 & 格雷表演:

  • 足球比赛
  • 节日游行
  • 游行
  • Civic 和 community events
  • B和 exhibitions 和 competitions


激励人群, 添加一些气氛, 和 boost the student-athletes’ resolve—there’s so much power in an instrument! 去吧. 自吹自擂! As part of the b和, you’ll experience:

  • 那鲜红的 & Grey Scholarship: $14,000 for B和 participation, all members are eligible.
  • 仪器, 制服, 和 equipment provided at no cost to students (new instruments in winds 和 percussion for each freshman).
  • 没有波段费.
  • Opportunities for students of all majors 和 at a variety of skill levels.
  • Full b和 travel 和 performance across the Southeast.
  • The b和 program includes the Huntingdon Winds Concert B和Huntingdon Jazz Ensemble, 棒球队活力乐队,和 Huntingdon Percussion Studio among other ensembles.

The Huntingdon B和 Staff

L–R, Assistant Director of B和s, 吉米奥利弗; Director of B和s, 安东尼Vittore; Auxiliaries Coordinator, Brittany Smith; 和 Associate Director of B和s/Percussion Studies, 布兰登·穆尼


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